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Sophie Howard is an entrepreneur who has launched multiple successful Amazon FBA businesses. She also offers coaching programs and other online courses. She published a book in 2016 called Amazon Jetstream Income, which covers her selling experiences and promises to help people start their businesses on Amazon. However, the book reads more like a sales pitch than a valuable resource. Visit Scamrisk to learn more about Sophie Howard.

Online MarketingSophie Howard is a New Zealander who started her FBA business in 2014 while caring for a newborn at home. In 18 months, she built a 7-figure e-commerce business on Amazon with a team of virtual assistants. She has since launched several successful businesses, including an organic tea business called Higher Tea. She has also launched a coaching program to help other entrepreneurs start and scale their online businesses.

She is a regular speaker at events around Australia and the USA. Her latest project, Freedom Navigator, is a tool that helps people find the best online business model for them. The tool starts with a profiling quiz that matches the user’s strengths and skills with current business models that are making money today.

The tool is free to use and is backed by Sophie’s three-month money back guarantee. It does not promote any particular business model, but does give users a good idea of the best fit for their profiles. It has received positive reviews from a variety of bloggers and reviewers.

Sophie’s first major success was an e-store that sold New Zealand wool products to the US and Europe. It was a great success, generating a high income and allowing her to move on to bigger projects. She also founded and sold an organic tea business, a proven private label system that earned her multiple seven-figures in revenue.

She has written a book that details her experience and offers to help other entrepreneurs get started. The book has been a huge success, and she is now working on a second one. She has also developed a workshop that teaches students how to uncover winning book titles, outsource the writing of an eBook, and get it published on Kindle. The books generate tens of thousands of dollars each month. The titles of her eBooks are blurred to prevent copycats from jacking her exact ideas.

She started her FBA business in 2014

Sophie Howard is a well-known figure in the world of FBA, with over 6,000 students enrolled in her course. She’s also one of the most popular instructors, with a high average rating of 4.5 stars. However, her popularity and positive reviews aren’t necessarily a sign of legitimacy.

Her course begins with an introduction to the basics of FBA, including registering a seller account and securing a business license. Then, she moves on to sourcing products and launching ads. She also covers topics such as sales funnels, using Canva as a graphic design application, and outsourcing.

The course also discusses the importance of cultivating a positive mindset for new entrepreneurs. This is essential in overcoming challenges and keeping up with the demands of your business. Sophie also teaches her students how to use Amazon Seller Central, a powerful tool for managing and analyzing data. She also shares tips on how to streamline customer support and manage international payments.

Sophie’s course is not a scam, but it is not as easy to follow as she makes it sound. Like any other e-commerce business, it takes time and dedication to make a profit. However, it’s not impossible to succeed with the right mindset and strategy.

While her course may not be for everyone, it does offer valuable information that can help you get started with your own Amazon business. It is especially useful for those who are new to the world of e-commerce and want to start selling on Amazon.

Sophie’s FBA business began when she was on maternity leave. Her ardent desire to stay home and take care of her family led her to look into online business opportunities. After researching the internet, she found that online courses gave advice about starting a private label company by procuring inexpensive popular items from China. Sophie opted to ignore this advice and chose handmade products from Nepal.

Her gamble paid off, and she quickly built an e-commerce empire that sold organic tea. In just two years, she created a seven-figure business, Higher Tea. Her success proves that it is possible to start a profitable e-commerce business from home.

She is the founder of Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Sophie Howard is the founder of Aspiring Entrepreneurs, which provides online business training and coaching services to aspiring entrepreneurs. Her goal is to help them achieve their business dreams by teaching them how to build and grow an online business. She has built multiple six-figure businesses and claims to have helped many others do the same. She has a large following on social media and regularly appears on podcasts.

While on maternity leave with her second baby, civil servant Sophie Howard realized that she would have to go back to work full-time if she wanted to pay the bills and provide for her family. So, she started looking into home-based businesses that could allow her to make a good income while spending time with her family.

After researching the available options, she decided to enroll in an Amazon private label selling course. Initially, she was told to start out by procuring inexpensive and popular products from China, but she decided to follow her gut and do something different. As a result, her first product was sourced from Nepal and sold on Amazon. This was the beginning of her successful online business journey.

Since then, she has launched multiple six-figure and seven-figure Amazon businesses. She has also taught hundreds of students how to set up and run their own online businesses. In this episode of The Profitable Entrepreneur, Sophie talks about the importance of finding a unique niche and focusing on creating a great customer experience. She also discusses why she prefers buying existing online businesses instead of building her own.

One of the main things that sets Sophie apart from other business coaches is her focus on sustainability and ethics. She believes that entrepreneurs should be willing to work hard for their money and create a positive impact on the world.

She also stresses the importance of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. This is because she believes that a balanced diet and regular physical activity can help entrepreneurs feel more motivated. She also encourages her students to find a mentor who can help them with their goals.

She is the author of Amazon Jetstream Income

Sophie Howard is a successful online business woman who helps other people create and grow their own Amazon FBA businesses. She’s one of the most popular instructors in the space, and her courses have excellent reviews from students who have successfully used her methods.

However, there are some things you should know before signing up for her course. Her program isn’t as easy as it sounds, and it requires a lot of work upfront before you can see any real results. Additionally, she doesn’t give any guarantees of success or make any promises that you’ll earn a certain amount of money.

In addition to her FBA courses, she’s also a best-selling author of a book called “Amazon Jetstream Income.” The book details her experiences with the company and offers to help individuals start their own eCommerce business. However, her book reads more like a sales pitch than a true guide to running an Amazon FBA business.

Her first major success was her very first Amazon e-store, which sold New Zealand wool products to the US and Europe. Within 18 months, she had a seven-figure eCommerce business on the site with a team of virtual assistants. Her next success was an organic tea brand called Higher Tea, which she uses as a proven private label system. This brand even received a proposal of acquisition from a large company, which she cites many times throughout her classes.

She’s a well-known speaker who travels around the world and delivers presentations on her experiences. She’s also a frequent guest on podcasts and has been featured in several media outlets. She has also been a finalist for the Wellington Gold Awards and is a regular speaker at conferences around Australia, UK, and USA.

Her latest project, Freedom Navigator, is an online profiler that helps people discover their strengths and skills and match them up with current online business models that are making money today. The site features a quiz that allows users to determine which business model is right for them, and then matches them up with existing business owners in that particular niche.