The Northeast Wisconsin Regional Economic Partnership

The Northeast Wisconsin Regional Economic Partnership (NEWREP) is comprised of economic development professionals from sixteen northeast Wisconsin counties plus the Menominee Tribe. NEWREP provides hands-on support and programming for existing and prospective businesses. NEWREP members serve as the proverbial feet on the ground for economic development, providing local, personal services to area businesses and communities. NEWREP’s members have also elected to pursue, in a collaborative manner, initiatives dedicated to seeking solutions that will have a regional impact.

NEWREP began with the administration of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce’s Technology Zone Program, in order to facilitate access to $5 million in state tax credits to stimulate investment, technological development and application, and new entrepreneurial and employment opportunities. From 2003 to 2008, the NEWREP Technology Zone awarded $4,771,970 in tax credits to 23 area companies, leveraging $235,231,708 in private funds and helping to create or retain more than 2,600 jobs.

In 2009, NEWREP spent $25,000 to sponsor a trade mission to Mexico for six area companies and organizations. Within nine months of the trip, the participants had $1.6 Million in sales directly attributed to the mission. In 2011, NEWREP worked with the East Central and Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commissions to prepare a successful federal grant application which funded a comprehensive strategic plan to further global trade expansions for regional companies. Now, in 2019, NEWREP is re-launching the NE WI Global Trade Conference. The NE WI Global Trade Conference was an annual event in the region for a decade but ended in 2012.